As delivery date approaches, keep the changing bag in mind

It's a practical way to carry everything you need for your baby.

Changing backpacks are definitely the most suitable. Keeping your hands free with a baby is essential!

Check out our changing backpacks.

  • Not just for diapers

    Richie was designed and built to last. It was created to evolve with the needs of your family. It will remain your ally during your future adventures, whether you use it as a travel bag, beach bag, or work bag...

  • Multi-Use

    Ultra-functional, its intelligent compartments ensure simple and efficient organization, avoiding the "junk drawer" effect.

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Style above everything else!

Because there's no way we're going to cut corners on your style, we're committed to bringing you the best that fashion has to offer for moms and dads.

At Lenappy, we believe that it is possible to reconcile fashion and parenthood. Sleek fits, clean design, trendy colors: you'll make people jealous!

Who can understand parents better than other parents?

Lenappy is a team of passionate parents at your service, to offer you everything you need during your parenthood.

It is thanks to our experience as mothers that we can offer you unique products that really meet your needs and accompany you on a daily basis

Innovation, Comfort and Quality

At Lenappy, we make it a point of duty to offer you the best in order to help you in your life as a parent.

We test and approve all our products before offering them to you, in order to guarantee high quality, practical and functional items.

  • Barbara W. ★★★★★

    I bought this for my daughter. I loved it when it arrived and she loves it too. The baby isn’t here yet, but she is excited about the big opening, lots of pockets, the wipe picked on the side, insulated pockets. Now just need baby to arrive to be able to use it

    RICHIE Yama - Collected via e-mail invitation 
  • Kaitlin M. ★★★★★

    Amazing bag - super cute pattern, lots of space and most importantly I love that you're able to quickly access the bottom of the bag through the back.

    RICHIE Jungle - Collected via e-mail invitation 
  • Marianne B. ★★★★★

    Really well designed!
    This bag has been ideally thought, it is really practical, light and optimized down to the smallest details [...]

    RICHIE Midnight Blue - Collected via e-mail invitation 
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