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Organic Bamboo Swaddling Cloth (XXL)

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Softer than cotton: bamboo viscose 🎋

TEXTILE INNOVATION! What better way to take care of your Baby from birth than with the extreme softness of bamboo.

Parents always need a large swaddling cloth (47'' x 47'') to swaddle their child, change it, cover it or even wipe or dry it after bathing.

2 babies with lenappy bamboo diapers blue and grey

Textile Innovation

Bamboo viscose has many properties. It is an innovative textile that is antifungal, ultra-absorbent, thermoregulating and antibacterial.

The Extra Silver Protection technology with silver ions (nanoparticles invisible to the naked eye and imperceptible to the touch) reinforce the natural properties of bamboo

Thus, diapers made of bamboo absorb water up to 60% more than a conventional cotton diaper!

Bamboo viscose swaddling cloth are extremely soft. Pleasant to the touch, they respect the fragile skin of toddlers from birth.

The silver ions have a beneficial effect on the child's skin. Regular contact with textiles containing silver ions improves the skin health of children suffering from hypersensitivity, dryness or skin allergies.

This innovative technology has the advantage of effectively neutralizing unpleasant odors. 

Bamboo is a thermo-regulating material, ideal for all situations: cool in high temperatures and soft in cooler weather. Its dense weave is a good anti-UV protection.

baby sleeping in lenappy bamboo diaper

An ideal birth gift

These cloth diapers made of bamboo are washable and reusable, which is economical, eco-friendly and healthy. The premium quality of the raw material and the dense weave of the bamboo viscose make it strong and durable, even after many washes.

Take these cloth diapers with you everywhere, even as your child grows.

A great birth gift idea at a low price for a useful and high-quality maternity bag.


Type: Clothes diapers
Composition: 70% bamboo / 30% cotton
Weight: 0.45 lbs
Dimensions: 47'' x 47''
Washing: Cold
Certification: GOTS

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